Waiting Out The Ready

A close friend of mine who had been having relationship problems as of late asked what I thought of God possibly keeping the right one out of his life. “Let’s just say God put the wrong person in your life for a reason–whatever that reason may be–does that mean He could also keep the right person out of your life for a reason?”  It didn’t really take me too long to answer. It is a no brainer. The answer is a huge, gigantic resounding yes.

Let me ask you something. Would you give a five year old your car keys? Hand her your paycheck? Your answer to all of those would most likely be no, but why not?  Possibly because if you gave her your car keys she would crash in a nano second.  If she had control of your money–you just handed her $1500 cold hard cash–she would probably ball out in the caf at lunch time geeking up all her little kindergarten friends on sugar, thus ruining your budget.  Now it isn’t that she is stuck on stupid.  It is that at this five year old, Sponge Bob loving moment she doesn’t have the brain capacity, the understanding, and the motor skills to handle any of the major stuff.  $0.50 for ice cream at school, ok…she’s got that. Putting her plate in the sink after dinner, ok…she’s making it happen. Those are within her scope of understanding and you move within that. God is no different.

God would never hand us the car keys if we were not ready.  He moves within our scope of understanding. Sure, there are moments when we are being stretched and pushed, but that is only to garner growth.  From growth comes wisdom. From wisdom comes new heights. From new heights comes tons of other cool stuff like–oh, I dunno…the one.

Life’s business is never finished until we check out. Love, however, does not have to be unfinished–and in fact it never quite is finished.  In order to receive the type of love that comes with the ‘right one’, certain things must be in place before we get the full, unbridled experience (IMO). When we are unprepared, we do not have the wisdom enough to see, nurture, and accept the best love He has set aside for us.  We can easily look over it, down play it or even destroy it. It isn’t that we are bad or that we don’t deserve love, it is just simply that there is the very real possibility we don’t have the motor skills or the capacity to handle our best partner.

I advised my friend that he should focus on just living life and filling in all of the blank spaces with color and wait out his ready. When we make the move to live truth, enjoy the journey, and embrace what comes from doing both we find ourselves bumping into the ‘right one’ and we are able to handle everything that comes along with it.


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