Knock Knock. Who’s There?

Currently? Nobody. Majority of the time that is ok. I don’t mind forgetting the fact that I am a young, interesting, deep woman with the inherent need to smell a little Brut every once and a while. I often keep myself moving so I rarely have to deal with single life. It is sorta weird, though, after being for someone for almost 20 years (16 to be exact)…it kinda feels like I am operating without one limb or another. Please, do not get me wrong, I am happy without the one limb. It would just be nice to actually be the subject of someone’s attentions (who aren’t related to me or who don’t have fur and tails).

Considering I really am not interested in the whole ‘long term relationship’ thing at this point, I would imagine I am a guy’s perfect type of girl. I am smart. I have values. I shave my legs. I have no fake body parts. I am neat (85% of the time). I am funny (smart ass witty is more like it). I enjoy a magnificent day at the ball park, as well as a cold beer, pizza, and a great football game.  I love to be active–a little on the slow side but activity is activity. I am adventurous. I am not a reality t.v. wanna be–pretending to have this or that, live like this or that, or know him or her. I read…I can read…big words, too. I am creative. I am a pretty awesome mother. I was an exceptional wife–the ex just didn’t know what the hell he was walking out on. I am all of these things and I have no desire to complicate my world with titles, sex, or emotions. So where are all of the guys who want that too?

Wherever they are, they certainly aren’t knocking on my door. With the kids gone for the summer and a pt work schedule, I find myself sitting on the couch eating Greek yogurt out of the container like ice cream in my pj’s and sweatpants listening to R&B. Lonely? Nah, not hardly. It is quite peaceful to only be responsible for myself, however when I go to the movies this afternoon or wander around the bookstore this weekend or relax at the park in the evening, it would be nice to have a male companion.

My friend says I have a look on my face that says “I’m thinking. Go away”, which, to her credit, is very true.  Yes…even the ‘go away’ part. I suppose at the bottom of one of those Greek yogurt containers I will find the remedy to that particular dilemma. But in the meantime, I will just keep enjoying the peace and waiting for the answer to the ‘Knock. Knock.’ call. When he answers….I hope he’s cute (lol).


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