People show you who they are in the beginning. What version of yourself are you showing? The rough and tumble persona you toss out into the world is not your genuine self. The over the top people pleaser or the insensitive straight lace isn’t you either. We all have some sort of armor to sport day in and day out, and most of us wear it well. Who would you be–who could you be without it? You may be a little rough around the edges; you may be a tad-bit over the top or even a little too straight and narrow, but showing off the real you is what makes this journey come alive. You are vibrant, awesome, extraordinary, beautiful, wonderfully made, creative, loving, caring and, yes, you do kick ass. Why hide those remarkable things? Show them off to anyone who happens to be looking in your direction (and even those that aren’t). Let ’em get an eye full of that remarkable you.


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