Do Over

Remember being a kid playing a game in the front yard with the neighborhood kids? Remember making up the rules as you went along? What happened the very first time someone made a mistake? They yelled “Do over!” Everyone instantly knew what that meant.  Well, guess what…the ‘do over’ rule hasn’t changed. We grew up, moved past the front yard, and forgot about the ‘do over’ card sitting in our back pocket. You messed up yesterday. You cursed the old lady out in front of you at the red light. You ate that gorgeous piece of cake for breakfast. No matter the mistake and no matter how big or small you, my dear, get a do over. Don’t fret about not getting it right the first time, hardly anyone does. Just concentrate on the lesson, putting forth a genuine effort, and when your do over comes around you will pass with flying colors. Life isn’t about getting it right 100% of the time–it’s about being able to get up, dust yourself off and do it over. No one is perfect–no…not even you–but everyone is capable of doing it over.


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