The Incredible Invisible Woman

By nature or by bullies (both have affected the outcome I suppose), I am a background kinda girl. Running for president or making speeches is really not my thing. Working on a lay out or typing up memos is more my lane. And while I am okay with the introvert part of self, it still kind of hurts a bit to be…looked over.

Over the past few days I have been doing some research on self and  made it a point to sit back and watch how others reacted to me. Most things I should not be offended by, however, these past few days I found myself to be most offended.

I found people ignoring me, bumping into me, talking over me, and cutting me off. I felt….invisible.

I prefer the background, letting my genius shine through, however, I do not particularly appreciate being invisible. It just doesn’t feel good. I am not overly distraught about it…like I didn’t lay in my bed and cry about it or anything, but there was a twinge of sadness on the outskirts of my emotions. I don’t want to be invisible.

There are no plans to become un-invisible. Usually this is the point when I hatch some sort of life changing plan and sink my teeth into a book about being extraordinary, but….not this time. This time I am just going to recognize my invisibility, shrug at those who choose not to see me or those who can’t help but not to, and move forward. Where I am meant to be is where I am meant to be. What I am meant to see I am meant to see. And when I am meant to be seen I will be. I am okay with that–I get to actually be that proverbial fly on the wall which could be beneficial in more ways than one.


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