Temporary Lay Off

It has been done before. There are too many things flying at you and you put your hands up in halt. You don’t surrender because you are weak or scared–you surrender because you are just plain ol’ tired. That is me. I am there.

About once per year I take a mandatory break from social media. It is a life necessity. To be quite honest, I can’t take too much of the smiling faces and “hey I did it” posts knowing that every day life just isn’t made that way. Sure, you can smile 95% of the time but is there not a 5% when smiling just isn’t an option??? What about that side of things?

Aside from the validation posts (so guilty of that) disguised as good news sharing or thoughtful insights, there are all of the opinions. For me, it is just too much. I have hidden behind social media plenty of times before. I have pretended to be happy when I knew damn well I was far from it. I have dumped my feelings out into cyber space because I just did not have a clue what else to do. But sometimes, just sometimes, you gotta lay off–downsize.

Being laid off sucks (been there…twice), but when a company does it for the right reasons it is to restructure, rebuild, rework, reorganize…it isn’t to hurt those who have been let go. Not that Instagram or Facebook would be hurt by my disappearance, but it is time to restructure, rebuild, and reorganize my life.

No one needs to know I ran 700 miles or saw an $8 loaf of bread or volunteered at a handicapped dog shelter or saved a dolphin from a burning building. No one needs to know my life–especially those who I haven’t seen since the 5th grade. Yes, I currently do pen–err–type a bunch of words on a blank page, and yes most of those words are strung together to resemble some sort of snapshot of my brain (and life), but isn’t that different? Perhaps it isn’t. Perhaps this is just the long drawn out version of shorter social media posts. Either way it is typed, I am laying off social media for now. Breathing room is essential…


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