“Just The Single Lady?”

I am lucky enough to have my work schedule to include being off on Fridays. When the kids were younger, I would spend my days off volunteering in the classroom or, when I operated Gemini Magazine, I would spend it doing layouts, writing stories, setting up interviews & trying to figure out how to make money (that last one literally took hours). As they grew older and their schedules got longer, I spent Fridays cleaning up, running errands or working out. These days….I just spend it on the couch watching movies from the Redbox.

Last Friday morning after I dropped the kids off at school, I decided to treat myself to breakfast. Most mornings I am either eating eggs or yogurt washing it down with cucumber water, but I wanted to be “bad”. Pancakes sounded bad enough.

I thought about going downtown and enjoying the morning rush with a side of fried flour & liquid sugar, but being that gas is like liquid gold I opted for a new spot on my side of town. A diner of sorts.

It was relatively empty except for a few people snuggled in booths. I was seated near the waitress station and was immediately greeted by a waitress in training. She took my coffee order and went back to the station. Apparently, there was some confusion about who the coffee was for.

“Who’s that coffee for?” One asked
“The single table,” my waitress answered. “The single lady.”
Another came. “Who’s got the single lady?”
“Who? Just the single lady? Right there?” Another asked.

The conversation went on for a couple more minutes until they got it all straightened out. The coffee was for the single lady…just the single lady.

Eating alone, watching movies alone, walking alone, sitting alone, or doing any other activity alone doesn’t phase me at all. Mommy doesn’t feel comfortable going to the movies alone and I have a few friends who can’t phantom eating alone, but it has never bothered me…probably because I am a loner by nature (only child)…but this morning I felt like walking back to the waitress station and asking them to at least call me by my name.

I started giggling after the vision of storming into the station played out in my head, and decided that being ‘just the single lady’ was fine by me. It’s just one more title I can add to my list. Mom, daughter, friend, ex wife, records clerk…just the single lady.


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