Second Dates Are Better

Slightly hung over from lack of sleep and abruptly absolved of morning parental duty (long story), I decided to take myself on a breakfast date. I could have argued or sulked but I chose to be good to me, instead.

I sat at the counter of Waffle House with the early morning dateless and the elderly, ordered a waffle and enjoyed myself. As stated before, I am used to being alone but I usually spend that time in a twisted web of thoughts, not really enjoying any of the alone time. This time was different. I was just there. There was no over thinking or wondering. There was no feeling weird or out of place (which I totally place on myself most of the time–my excuse to cut and run). I was just….there…just me…just enjoying a waffle.

I popped in my head phones, sipped coffee from the thickest coffee mug ever, and watched the waiters and waitresses zoom back and forth like busy ants. I smiled at myself for taking a breath and taking a break. I smiled at the second date….seconds are always better anyway 😛



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