Sweats, Cake & A Little Bahumbug Never Hurt Anyone

I used to love Christmas time. The hustle and bustle. The shopping. The whole warm fuzzy feeling floating in the air. *sigh* This year, however, it is looking more and more like just another day.

The weekend after Thanksgiving putting up the Christmas tree was tradition. We would order pizza, I would put on Christmas music and we (and I use that term loosely–the boys would often sneak off and play video games) would decorate the tree/house. This year I didn’t even bother. There is not one light, one piece of garland, one wreath or one bulb hanging anywhere in our home. Oh, and the tree? Fuhgettabotit.

I am not entirely sure if I am doing a disservice to the children or not. They haven’t expressed interest in decorations or Christmas music. They have mostly been worried about what they are receiving (note to self: make them do more service work in 2015). Am I turning into the Grinch? Am I bahumbugging the whole Christmas experience? Will my changed attitude toward it all scar them for the rest of their lives?

I suppose it really isn’t that serious. I am just completely over the whole gift giving thing. There is more to life than stuff, and aren’t we suppose to be celebrating Jesus anyway? People have run out to the stores, spent money, and purchased crap. When the lights of the World finally go out that 55″ flat screen won’t really make a difference. I suppose (instead of being a Grinch) I could focus on creating new traditions. Travel, service work, experiencing something new–those could be worthy Christmas traditions. I will be sure to work on that for next year–this year, however, I think I will take my chances with sweat pants, cake, the couch and a little ba-hum-bug.


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