Hairy Pits & Naughty Bits

Sitting on the side of the tub slathered in Veet from head to toe (practically), patiently waiting for the 5-10 minutes to pass, it hit me: this is why dating is better than marriage.  From November  to April, it would be lumber jack season under my clothes. Since being single, I have been keeping the standard two week appointment with the smelly hair remover and her gal pal. But why? What is the difference between hairy married me and smooth single me? Simple. Comfort (ok and lack of caring or attraction and perhaps spousal baggage but I digress).

When I became a mother, I quickly learned kids could care less about hairy pits and wo-stache. They only care (and have only ever cared) about being fed, warm/cool, and dry.  Once your attention is being split between life, wifely crap and motherly junk, shaving your legs past the knee or your pits in the dead of winter is far less a priority. Eventually, The He stops worrying about it (even though he’d probably like to say something about your wooly mammoth status) and you do too.

I can honestly admit that while I was a pretty good wife, I also got comfortable. When you live with someone for well over a decade and you have seen sickness, health, bad moments, good moments, and everything else in between, you lose sight of a lot. Comfort ensues.  And comfort leads fairly easily into laziness which then leads into just not caring at all.

I can say I care more now than before. Part of that is due to being single and the other part is due to me actually seeing my worth through the weeds (and the hair). I am spending time, no matter how much or how little, to take care of me. From the working out to the eating right to the self-dates to the shaving/waxing/tweezing/hair removal creaming, it is all a part of taking care of someone very near and dear: Me. Comfort is fine–we all get there and I am sure I will find myself comfortable again. Laziness (perhaps on a football Sunday) can be a necessary evil. Not caring, too, can become a necessary evil, depending on the situation. But to allow those things to cloud your judgement when it comes to valuing yourself–well–that’s just simply unacceptable. Thank God I learned that lesson and I am pretty sure my pits and naughty bits are thanking me too 🙂


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