Keep Going & You’ll Be Dead Soon

“If you keep going, you will be dead soon.”

Not words you would like to hear doing eighty-five miles per hour on a busy interstate. Or for that matter, any time, but there they were. Loud and clear.

I learned a long time ago (say, 20+ years ago after playing bumper cars with real cars) when The Voice speaks–I listen. “Don’t…” and I don’t. “Go…” and I go. I will do a cartwheel in the middle of Target if told to do so. So to hear I will be dead sooner rather than later because of stress, my ears perked up and I took my foot off the gas (literally).

We are not bottomless pits. We cannot take and take and take. Our wine skins eventually will pop. But we certainly live like we are bottomless. We take on projects and make promises we kill ourselves to fulfill. We soak in all types of information and believe we can process it. If we continue to stack it and pack it in, we will most definitely burst.

Our bursting comes in the form of heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and on and on. For some, it is a slow burn (little diabetes here, little hypertension there) but for others, it is a drop dead in the middle of Wal-Mart type of deal. I’ll take neither for $200 Alex, especially the dropping of death.

When The Voice sounds, I do not dare tempt fate. I listen. I did an assessment of what needed to be dropped like a bad habit (because it probably was) and did it. I have a few more items on the ‘Don’t Die’ list but all in all I am making the appropriate steps to reducing stress. I take time off from work whether I have vacation time or not. I completely stopped worrying about money. Completely. I try (key word: try) hard not to road rage. Most importantly, I do what needs to be done without any other thoughts about it. Yes, it is one more thing on the list. Yes, I wish I had a maid to do it. Yes, I would rather eat fake food than cook. Yes, I would like to sit down. Sure, sleeping would be nice. But if I do what I have to do now…well…you know the rest.

Sometimes it is mandatory to push. There is no other way to get to the other side. However, I now recognize just because I can 25/8 does not mean I should. Just because it is possible it doesn’t mean I have to hold it all. I am at capacity. It is about time I regurgitate some of this and leave it where it lands….before…you know, dropping dead n’ all.


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