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Settling Into Oldish

Whenever I would tease Mommy about getting older, she would smile and say she was happier to be getting older. At twenty years her junior, I could not understand. Older meant things were falling apart and wrinkles. Older meant menopause and drooping everything. Old age meant walkers and medicines. Why be happy about that? Seventy-four days away from the big four-oh, I think I get it.

As you age, you settle more into yourself. The tightly wound ball of confusion that once was you at twenty is now settled and relaxed at fifty. She was excited about the relaxing part. The settling. I get it.

Now that it is my turn for ribbing from youngins, I find myself thinking about Mommy. She hasn’t quite embraced the housecoat (with the snap buttons, ‘member those?) but she has settled in. She isn’t wearing weaves and lashes, but upon suggestion (from The Boy) she will listen to a little Chief Keef. She often proclaims her ‘too old for [insert foolishness here]’ motto and leaves it where they land, but she can entertain an in house Nerf gun fight foolishness, too. She is where she is and that is okay. As I slide into another year, another grey I find myself working toward okay as well.

I’m is what I’m is, all greys and droopy whatever. It takes a minute to remember things and I can’t handle too much nonsense (my patience is -5). I own a housecoat with snap buttons and side pockets. I listen to Young Thug religiously and I live to binge watch Riverdale. Yes, I know what Bitcoin is but I also remember when pay phones were a thing and they took actual coins. I groan when walking up/down stairs, and I swear when it rains my bones hurt. But as I come ’round the mountain, I am quite all right with all of it. With every year I am blessed enough to see, more wisdom and more comfort are settling in. Thank God.


Girl Meets Boy: Introducing Mr. Young Gun

Single life has had its moments, both good and bad. The bad we won’t get into today, but the good has been pretty entertaining….especially recently.

A guy seemed genuinely interested in yours truly. I saw him regularly and eventually we sparked short, flirty conversation. When asking about a friend of mine I was setting up on a blind date and where said blind date should take place, he made a joke about me asking him out. So….I did.

Asking him out on a date and asking Cutie #1 out was completely different. With Young Guns it was easier…probably because he laughed and joked with me almost everyday. There was no mystery with him. I could tell he was kinda digging on me.

He’s fun, funny, sweet, hard working, artsy, a writer, a Walking Dead lover, & Spider-Man/Super Man/Fast & Furious enjoyer. He’s adventurous, active and a great caretaker. So…..what’s my issue? He’s a decade and a year younger than me. *shock n awe*

Talking to him is refreshing, mostly because he makes me laugh, but moments during our conversations make me cringe–just a little. When he mentioned something about being 6, I instantly realized the separation in age. His 6th year of life was the beginning of my senior year in high school. His 10th year of life was the beginning of my parental/marital life. Need I say more?

They say age is nothing but a number and in most situations that is true. I suppose this one is no different. It isn’t like I am looking to marry him, but do I want to sorta-date a guy that could potentially be my son….if I was having sex at 11? Yea, that is a tad dramatic, but it has entered my mind a few times. I am trying to live my life without making plans, and this falls right in line with that. Mr. Young Gun is my fun for now. The only plan I have for us (ugh…us is such a together word–which we are not nor do I want to be) is to just roll. Drinks? Sure! Rock Climbing? Let’s get it! Dinner? Movies? Music festivals? Check, check, and check. Why not….right? This should be fun.