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Getting My Shit Together

I have got to get my shit together. I finally snapped out of the cloud of ambiguity and now I am slapping myself for not planning accordingly. There are several items on the List of To Do’s for 2015. Normally, I do not engage in the whole new year’s resolution thing, but I am afraid I will have to give it the ol’ college try (only better than I actually did in college…sigh).

I do not plan on revealing everything on the List of To Do’s here because I am still working on the whole transparency/vulnerability thing (ok…there’s one for the List), but I will reveal two of the most important for (mostly) selfish reasons: accountability.

Numero Uno: I gotta get this fat off of my body. I have been complaining about this forever and the older I get the more I want it gone. Young Gun challenged me to a weight loss duel. I probably should not have taken the challenge, however, I am a sucker for competition. Dude is 11 years younger than me with strength and reflexes like Superman. I, on the other hand, have the strength and reflexes of an old fat cat. Never the less, I took him up on his challenge and now I am adding another ticking clock to my already crowded shelf of ticking time bombs (Half Iron Man 2015, Marathon 2015…should I bother naming more craziness???). The goal: Reach 175lbs by June 30th. Doable, right? You’d think so considering I should know how to do this shit already but, err, uh…my brain/body is revolting.

Numero Dos: I gotta get my finances under control. Luckily, I do not have much debt–hardly any really–but the little I do have, I want it gone. I want to be able to sign on the dotted line in 2020 for the Beach House and pay cash. I want to be able to support the kids financially while they are in college so they don’t pick up the bad habit of being 18 with credit cards. I want to be able to start the Business and the Foundation. Shoot, I want to use my passport before it expires naked! I don’t make much but living takes everything I have. I need to operate on a budget and stick with it, no matter what.

Those are some grown up, important goals, right? I think so, too. Life is what it is, we all know that, but we have to strive to live our best lives or else it will be wasted. My best life is being fit, both physically and financially. Guess I’d better get to workin’ on that. I can’t keep letting life pass me by and I can’t keep living in this fog of numb. I gotta get my ish together–it’s about time. ;P


Goal Oriented

At some point, a person has to get serious about their life. We are given a numbered amount of days, and, if I do say so myself, I am desperately in a race against time not to waste whatever is left.

Late last night I lay on the couch, lights dim, television dark, and music low. In the excitement of getting The Me back, I had strayed away from the stolen quiet moments. Hushing the excited chatter of the New Shiny Twin, a thought passed that had more depth than what I was going to wear the next day: What was I working toward? Even Shiny Twin had to sit still and mull it over, too.

I have always been a list-plan-a-b-c person. Now, that doesn’t mean I always followed said lists and plans, but I spent the time at least writing them out. Calendars, schedules, budgets….you name it I probably have a notebook for it. Recently, I made a conscious effort to stop the planning and just live moment to moment. It has been nice…it has aided in The Transformation actually but it’s time to get back to planning for something.

I lay on the couch in the semi-quiet, realizing I had no goals to work toward. I had focus items (i.e. get kids into a good school next year, get kids through school this year, manage to not Why-Did-I-Get-Married-Jill-Scott-dinner-table The Ex…you know…important stuff) but not goals for myself. Young Gun called me out with a weight loss challenge, Brooklyn charged me with the whole 26.2 thing, I threw down the triathlon gauntlet on my own dumb self, but don’t I need more?

I sat trying to sift through the shallow, insignificant life stuff and the important take-time-to-make-a goal-for-it stuff and realized the point of the goal is not about what I want to accomplish…it is about who I want to become. I have yet to drag out the notebook paper and calendar. I have yet to pour over numbers, budgets, and timelines. The goals I have in mind are stuck just outside the foggy barrier in my head, not wanting to reveal themselves just yet. And that is ok…I am not quite ready to handle them just yet anyway. About the only thought I can contend with is that there has to be more….I need to do more….I need to be more. This next phase of my life will be dedicated to that…I suppose that is goal number one: be better because, now, I know better.